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Our Goal: Administrate and facilitate youth growth and development through effective communication, organization and execution.

Champions Mentorship
Champions Mentorship Program is a mentorship and leadership development program that caters to young men between the ages of 13-25.

Our focus is based on the following:

  • Personal Leadership Skills
  • Inter-Personal Skills
  • Self-Discipline & Self-Respect

The objective of this program is to prepare young men for leadership because we believe fundamentally, that if a young man knows who he was created to be, he can walk in his inherent purpose and therefore bring change to his environment.

The program addresses the five (5) essential questions that are pivotal to the human development.

The five (5) questions of the human heart are:

  • Who Am I? – Identity
  • Why Am I Here?- Purpose
  • Where Am I From? – Source
  • Where Am I Going?- Destiny
  • What Can I Do? – Potential



Oral presentation and reading

To produce confidence as well develop and enhance personal knowledge base. This is use for personal leadership skills.

Team exercises

To produce unity, build teamwork and to use for inter-personal skills.

Sports participation, business exposure and social gathering

To promote friendship and social ethics.  This is used for self-discipline & self-respect.

Within this program, we have also endeavored to bring out the best potential in each participant through meaningful partnerships, that will allow the participant an opportunity to network with business professionals and community-based organizations. These partnerships help to reinforce the program’s primary focus areas which are personal leadership skills, inter-personal skills, self-discipline and self-respect.

This program also allows participants to experience the following:

  • One On One Mentorship
  • Spiritual Enrichment
  • Discovery Of Purpose
  • Career Advisory
  • Job Placement Opportunities


One who is courageous in the midst of fear.

He makes things happen while setting examples for others to follow.

He aspires to discover his true self and strengths.

He manages his time and emotions well.

When in the midst of the process, he practices patience.

Inspiring others is a required duty.

Originality is the only learnt behavior.

He is never guided by the opinions of quitters.