Missions Department


C/O Dr. Alex Simmons/Dr. Eldon Johnson


To establish a multifaceted and multimedia training program that will facilitate teaching, training, equipping and empowering Kingdom leaders to love, care, teach, administer, develop and help others in maximizing their inherent gifting and potential.

VISION SLOGAN: “Training Kingdom Leaders to Empower Kingdom Living”


To provide biblical and principle-centered mission training that will produce international, intercultural, and inter-disciplined missionaries


To produce skillful Missions leaders capable of influencing their environment and the world with Kingdom biblical principles.


To reflect the mandate of the Great Commission to “Go into all the world and make disciple of men.” The BFMI Missions Training Preprogram aims to identify, develop, train, ad produce quality Missions leaders who have a strong sense of self-worth, personal value, and biblical principles.


  1. To provide a multifaceted Mission Training Program with emphasis on team training, team leader training, and training trainers.

  2. To provide Missions training with special concentration on pre-field, training, field training post-field debriefing and post-ministry.

  3. To train the BFM members that are especially passionate, partners, and local community to become global Missions leaders.


Biblical:   Effective missions training must be governed by sound, biblical principles.

CHARISMATIC:   Effective missions training should identify the gifts of individuals and enable them to maximize those gifts in harmony with the gifts of the Spirit

INTERNATIONAL:   The mandate of the Great Commission is necessitate the equipping of individuals for global task of becoming disciples in all nations.

PRACTICAL:    Missions training must enable leaders to acquire practical skills concurrently with theoretical knowledge.