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“Transforming Followers into Leaders and Leaders into Agents of Change”


Drs. Dave and Angela Burrows

Pastors Dave and Angie Burrows began with Bahamas Faith Ministries as part of the initial founding group who partnered with Dr. Munroe in launching BFM. Pastor Dave and Dr. Munroe met at Oral Roberts University and forged a close relationship that continued until his death in November 2014. The founding group initially consisted of Dr. Munroe, Dr. Richard Pinder and Henry Francis and their wives and later included Pastor Jay Mullings and several other early leaders of the ministry.

“Advancing the Message of the Kingdom”


Pastors Kersch and Suzette Darville

Pastors Kersch and Suzette Darville have been followers and members of BFM since the early ‘80s. Pastor Kersch became a member in 1984 and Pastor Suzette subsequently became a member in 1985. They both gave their lives to Christ in 1982 and have been serving the Lord since that time.

As singles attending BFM, they were drawn to each other and fell in love in 1987. After dating for two years they were married in 1989. Out of this marriage were birthed their two children, Ashley Brittany and Eric John.

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