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ITWLA is a response to this development and is dedicated to providing an official focus and reference for enhancement of these relationships. ITWLA has become a world-wide family of Leaders embracing every discipline, providing friendship, inspiration, education, professional and technical training and a forum for accountability for thousands.


The term “Third World” is used to describe over three-quarters of the over six billion people that populate this planet. The term was coined inan attempt to define and describe the various groupings of people throughout the world, based on their socio-economic status and stage of social and cultural development. Whether or not this term is valid, it is generally accepted as a description or element of identification for billions of people.

“Third World” also refers to any people who were not allowed to participate in, or benefit fully from, the progressive advancement and development of the industrial revolution. Many of them were reduced to slaves and indentured servants, or trapped by a political, social, cultural or economic system that robbed them of their sense of identity, dignity, self-worth and self-respect.

They were prevented from developing or maximizing the great potential and skills given to each of us by our Creator. “Third World” people consist of every ethnic group, culture, language and geographic location. Many exist within the boundaries of industrialized states, struggling to find their sense of purpose and self-worth. Others are still trapped in the darkness of ignorance as victims of oppression.

The International Third World Leaders Association’s principal focus is on addressing the unique nature, needs and dynamics of this “Third World” context. However, this focus is not at the exclusion of any other group or context.


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