Single’s Ministry


To groom unmarried people to become separate, unique and whole individuals who live a lifestyle in direct contrast to the world’s concept of what the single person is.


– To Encourage Single Adults to discover God’s purpose for their life as unique, complete and whole individuals through their personal relationship with Jesus.

– To Encourage and Cultivate the leadership spirit in every Single Adult by stirring up their gifts and abilities to completely fulfill their purpose and potential.

– To Equip Single Adults with training and resources that build personal integrity, strong character, solid moral values and standards and successful relationships.

– To Empower Single Adults by providing opportunities for them to make an impact within their community through service to God, themselves and others.


  • To provide a forum for informative and effective dialogue.
  • To develop and encourage ideas, strategies and plans for influential impact.
  • To provide networking opportunities to encourage a sense of community awareness (outreach projects).
  • To foster a spirit of unity and togetherness.
  • To ultimately advance the Kingdom of God.